Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things Egyptians Abroad Can Do to Help

I see a lot of questions on social media about how Egyptians abroad can help the revolution. Truth be told, I wonder sometimes too. I've decided I was going at the end of this week to be there and see what I can do. I haven't found anything online which lists things we can do to help. Here's a few other things I can think of:

1) If you can, go to Egypt!

I know there are various cleanup projects to participate in, or even just going to Tahrir Square and helping hold it is a great thing. If you have reason to (safely) visit other locations that have less media coverage and are able to provide information from those places (Suez comes to mind) you would be helping a lot.

2) Inform friends and acquaintances at your location

This is a leaderless movement. That means every Egyptian abroad is an ambassador. Talk to people, listen to and address their fears or questions in total honesty. Dispel myths and erroneous rumors, or preconceived ideas.

It's amazing, it feels like half the world has been to Egypt on vacation one time or the other but so many of those people don't know anything about the place or subscribe to incorrect notions. Don't be pushy about it, just provide a friendly information service.

3) Keep informing yourself

This may sound obvious but it is a prerequisite to the previous point. Staying informed might not sound like much but it keeps you involved and it helps you inform others and spread the word.

Also keep informed of support gatherings for Egypt in your area and help spread the word about them locally as well as on social media. It is great for those who are there to know so many people are with them and appreciate what they are doing.

4) Financial contributions

I'm not sure at this point whether safe methods of making financial contributions from abroad exist, but I'll update this as soon as I become aware of something suitable.

5) If you have more ideas...

Post comments and they will be added.

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