Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Last Speech?

I am thinking this isn't going to be a very popular idea, but I'm increasingly feeling Mubarak should make one last speech. One from the heart, one with nothing to lose -- and nothing to gain.

If he were to make one last public appearance to tell us how he feels, what he thinks he did well, what he thinks were terrible mistakes. To tell us he loves his country and he is sorry about things that went wrong.

Anything he says may utterly lack credibility for many, but he'd be saying this with no political gains in mind. It's not like he could return or his son could return. The Egyptian people are so kind-hearted that we don't actually know how to hate. I think we would listen, we would nod our approval at him making one sincere speech and we would move on.

I think one last speech would change the image he will leave in the history books. What do you think?

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