Saturday, February 19, 2011

Circumventing Internet Access Restrictions

In recent events across North Africa and the Middle East, access to information and ability to share information have proven crucial tools for people demanding their freedom, and for independent news. It is no surprise then that governments (including Egypt) have at one point or another imposed heavy restrictions on internet access. Some continue to do so.

Depending on the kind of restrictions governments apply to limit or entirely prohibit access to sites like Facebook or Twitter or even the entire internet, some solutions may exist for circumventing these restrictions.

Firstly, take a look at Wikipedia's Internet Censorship page, and pay special attention to the Circumvention section. Some of these solutions may be applicable to your situation. If you have some extra time, also have a look at this article: The Traveler’s Guide To Bypassing Internet Censorship.

Also, Total Social Media's Web 3.0 Lab information page for Bahrain ISPs is very useful. Provides information about ISPs working with the government as well as suggestions for circumventing internet access restrictions. Have a look.

Total Social Media also has an interesting tool called the climaMeter for measuring tweet density at any location in the world. Analysing density of tweets from a particular location can provide clues as to what may be going on or what may be about to happen.

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