Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Huge Opportunities Are About to be Missed

And the consequences are going to last for decades. I am talking about representation in talks with Egypt's Temporary Military Administration. Why?

People are complaining that this and that group isn't represented, typically women, youth, religions other than Islam, and others. I am also hearing a lot of complaints about possible Muslim Brotherhood over-representation.

You know why the MB is well represented? It is dead simple. Some dude showed up and said "Hey, I represent all those people here, equaling X% of Egyptian society and we would like our voices heard." In a transition to democracy, no one can refuse such a request.

But what are those other people doing? The ones complaining? Well I don't want to be harsh, but from what I can tell some are still working hard to further their democratic agenda, but many are either taking a break, or basking in the glory, or painting their toenails or whatever. History is still being written. It is being written RIGHT NOW. Toppling Mubarak was only the beginning.

People who want to be represented need to do something about it. No one is going to be more royalist than the king. If you aren't doing anything to make sure your views, your religion, or your gender is benefiting from proper representation then you are de facto accepting whatever outcome nature provides you with.

Freedom is not asked for, it is taken. That, the Egyptian people have done. The same holds true for all the following steps. If you want more women representatives, youth representatives, or any others, they must be selected and endorsed by other women, youth or whatever demographic they're from and they must be IMPOSED in talks.

What will occur in the following months will likely influence the course of matters for decades. There are huge opportunities right this moment, including adding a feminist revolution component to the vast changes we are experiencing.

If these opportunities are missed, try again in 2060.

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