Thursday, February 10, 2011

Confusion... Mubarak Stepping Down?

Apparently Mubarak is stepping down today. The atmosphere seems totally electric in Cairo. Outside Egyptians all over are also overexcited.

It first seemed to begin with Hossam Badrawi, SecGen of the NDP ruling party telling several people and/or news services he felt it was likely president Mubarak would step down. Some time later came this video interview.

Several other statements including one from the military came to add to the picture, though vaguely. Rumors replaced other rumors by the minute, stating that he'd left the country, or gone to the Sharm el Sheikh resort, or that he was still in Cairo. Confusion reigns supreme at this time.

Twitter went crazy the moment this all started and continues to see heavy traffic at this time.

The entire world now awaits the statement Mubarak is supposed to make tonight.

I'll be arriving in Cairo tomorrow. Depending on how this televised statement goes, I might land in the midst of a carnival or in a warzone. We'll see.

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