Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Rights in Egypt?

So I am hearing that today's women's rights march in Tahrir Square didn't go very well. I don't know the details yet but apparently there was aggressive opposition, though hopefully no physical aggression was involved.

Now let me tell you, I have nothing against women's rights. I am convinced that for society to be in anything resembling a harmonious state, each member needs to feel they are treated fairly, and that obviously includes women.

But for fuck's sake, this is just another example of how it seems to me like some of the revolution's big players couldn't plan their way out of a wet paper bag if their lives depended on it. Look at what is happening now. We are now seeing divisions among the people which we really could have done without at this point. The revolution gets diluted a little more every day while the forces we seek to change or remove are doing their best to consolidate and focus with all the discipline they can muster.

Why did the march go wrong? Well there are many reasons. Bigotry, certain interpretations of religion, fear of change, ignorance, and possibly even a concerted effort by some lurking in the shadows to sow division. These lurkers patiently wait for such events so they can do their nasty work. But all of this can be overcome by one thing.


I saw some person on Twitter say women were 63% of the population. That sounds like some serious voting power. Oh wait, we don't actually have voting power! Maybe we should focus on that first? Just a humble suggestion. Surely a president trying to get elected and worrying about women's votes or political parties attempting to rise will lend a far more attentive ear to women's issues - especially if they represent 63% of the vote - than the forces on the ground right now.

I can't believe all this is not completely obvious to everyone. I can only hope as we highlight new social divisions every day and dilute focus on the one thing that could help solve all of them, that we are not somehow endangering our chance to obtain what the martyrs died for.

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