Friday, March 11, 2011

M.E. Revolutions: Serious Game Changer

Many people agree that the fallout from Mid East revolutions is huge and that we're not even close to seeing the full extent of it yet. Here is yet another aspect of this.

In terms of the Israel/Palestine issue, here's how things work. American politicians need to finance campaigns. They go to people who have money for just this purpose. It so happens that if you wanted to find a lot of people willing to donate a lot of money for campaign purposes, the AIPAC Annual Conference is a great place to go. It's really simple. People at AIPAC tell politicians what they want, then help them finance their campaigns, then Palestinians get gangbanged, then everyone is happy (almost).

Of course there is no such lobbying or wealth being spent on the Arab side of the problem. If you don't know Mid East politics you might find this odd since Arabs have no shortage of wealth. What has happened for many years is Arab leadership was either invited to further Israel's agenda and draw personal benefits from that or face stern punishment. Unfortunately however, Arab populations have now embarked on a massive cleaning exercise, and they are taking out the trash. Where will that leave things?

Well, for one thing, Arab governments may actually be required to comply with their peoples' wishes. This, of course, would be a most unfortunate turn of events as lobbying money in D.C. would no longer be spent for the personal benefits of corrupt dictators but for the furthering of Arab populations' interests. Do you see where this is going? Yeah, it's gonna suck.

Imagine if there were an AAPAC to go to for campaign money. An American Arab Public Affairs Committee.

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